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24/7 Attendee Support and Cost Reduction with AI

Revolutionizing Conferences Experience with AI


24/7 Customer Interaction and Cost-Efficiency with AI

AI-Enhanced Moments in the Event CX

Before the Event

Event Overview
Instant Invitations
Accommodation Assistance


Easy Ticket Purchases
24/7 Support
+100 Languages

During The Event

VIP Upgrades
Real-Time Program Conference Details
Speaker Information

After the Event

Feedback Collection
Early Bird for Next Events

Streamline Attendee Engagement with Cost-Efficient, Round-the-Clock AI Support

24/7 AI Assistants: Elevating Conference Experience While Cutting Costs

Soft Round Shapes

Leverage AI to facilitate swift responses to initial queries and provide detailed event comparisons, making the decision process efficient and hassle-free.

Engagement Moments

Ensure a seamless ticket purchasing experience with 24/7 AI support, reducing overheads while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Service Excellence Moments

Build a prestigious event brand by offering real-time updates on sessions and speakers through AI, fostering a vibrant and engaged attendee community.

Brand Experience Moments

Cultivate long-term attendee loyalty through AI-assisted feedback collection and insightful analytics, nurturing a community of satisfied, returning participants while continuously improving event dynamics.

Loyalty Moments




High volume repeatability


Reduction in support costs

Best in Conference Experience Results.

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