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Resolve to Raise the CX Bar.




Resolution rate



Boost in support team capacity

We help and accompany medium and large companies in their digital transformation with AI, automating their service channels, scaling their sales and nurturing their human talent with new skills with AI, generating more revenue, time optimization and return on salaries (GMROL).

✔︎ Advanced AI Virtual Assistants.
✔︎ Omni-channel CX system with AI.
✔︎ Advanced Analytics with AI.
✔︎ AI strategic consulting and training.

What do we provide to improve your CX?

Our Partners & Technologies

The Market Leader of AI-first Customer Experiences.

At, our AI Persona captures your brand's essence. Through tailored training, it mirrors your company's unique tone and voice, ensuring every interaction feels genuine. This isn't just tech—it's your digital identity. For B2B enterprises, it's not only about answering FAQs but about maintaining brand integrity. Choose Quabund, where technology meets authenticity.

AI Persona

All-in-one place. Instantly on Every Channel.

The Omnichannel Customer Experience.

A unified power inbox optimizing all your chat-channels interactions and your team.

Goal-Driven AI Assistants

Your AI customer service system is trained with your unique customer intents, historical context and current AI analysis sentiment for higher optimization.

80%-95% Fully Automated Conversations

AI that runs on auto-pilot to help your leads get instant replies. Our smart AI virtual assistants are able to help 24/7, even connecting to your databases and internal systems.

End-to-end deep conversational channel integrations

Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, WebChat, and more...

The quantum difference

Be the First to Receive the Latest News From the AI. 

Omnichannel conversations

All your channels in our omni-channel inbox.

Proactive intelligence and predictive emotional sentiment

AI sentiment analysis for better human-like conversations and scalable growth.

Effortless customer support operations for human agents

Our omnichannel  inbox with capabilities to have all-in-one place, AI assistants and custom automations.

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